Noosa North Shore Beachfront Campground Sitemap & Park Rules Noosa North Shore Beachfront Campground Sitemap & Park Rules

This park is privately managed on behalf of the Noosa Council.

To ensure your stay is enjoyable please read and observe the following conditions of occupancy.

Do not camp or park on the dunes, please ensure you are a minimum of 1.5 metres from the dunes.

Where possible, all vans must be parked with the drawbar facing the road.

Vehicles - Only One Vehicle per booking.

The safety of our customers is of prime importance. You can assist our cause by limiting the speed of your vehicle to 5 kph (walking pace) whilst within the park with zero tolerance. Please do not drive on the dunes. Please limit vehicle movement at all times and do not tow trailers or boats in camping areas at night. Only one vehicle per site is permitted and must remain within the allocated site. All visitors’ vehicles must park outside the park.


Please keep your site tidy and use the facilities provided for refuse rubbish & recycling disposal. Please do not dig trenches on or around your site.

Site Separations

To conform with fire regulations & for the enjoyment of other campers, please allow a minimum of 1.8 metres between campsites, as per Council regulation, note only one tent or caravan per site.

Powered Sites

Must only be accessed using 15 AMP leads, household leads are not allowed.


Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services have a "Total Fire Prohibition" on the Noosa North Shore = Which means NO fires, braziers or webers in the park or on the beach. All heating and cooking by gas source only.

Security Advice

While Park Managers do their best to ensure a safe and secure environment, we do recommend precautions of securing items of value during day and night.


In case of fire or other emergency please make your way to the evacuation assembly point as guided by management.


The park and its facilities are provided for the enjoyment of you and your children. The supervision of your children is important for their safety and to ensure they do not disturb other people in the park. Children must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the showers and toilets.


The peaceful enjoyment of our park and its facilities by all visitors is important to us. Please assist by being considerate to your neighbours and restrict noise from radios, televisions and social gatherings after 10pm and before 6am.


Are not permitted in the park at any time.


Creating a nuisance, defacing or damaging structures or camp ground property or the environment will result in immediate eviction from the park.


All cooking on gas/electric appliances only. There are no cooking facilities at the park.

Amenities Block

All children under 10 years old must be directly supervised by a responsible adult. The showers require a $1 for 4 mins of hot or cold water. Please use the toilets located near the office during cleaning times. Please note that an onsite sewerage system operates this park, and we ask that you refrain from flushing feminine hygiene products etc. by using the bins provided.


Industrial refuse bins: Please double wrap your food waste before placing in the bins to improve hygiene and reduce flies.
Recycle bins (yellow lids): Please separate your recyclables from your refuse waste. Recycle items include all glass bottles & jars, aluminum and steel cans, newspapers & cardboard, and plastics with the recycle symbol and numbers 1-6 inside.

Campsite litter: When departing your campsite, please ensure all small litter items are removed. Garbage bags are available for purchase at the shop.


Council undertakes tree management at the camping ground, however trees and limbs can fall without warning. Move from under trees before storms and strong winds. You may be directed by onsite managers to move during strong winds/storm events. Do not tie ropes, lines or tarps to trees/power poles. Please do not climb trees.


Bicycles are permitted to be ridden in the internal roads, subject to normal road rules being observed. This includes wearing a helmet, and abiding the 5kph speed limit and daylight hours only.


Strictly no dogs or pets allowed in the park, as we are located within a national park.

Third Party Bookings

Bookings must only be made by the person occupying the site.  Third Party bookings (eg: resaler) are prohibited, and will result in cancellation (even on arrival).  Noting a site booking CANNOT be sold on, or 'given' to another party.  Identification maybe required on checkin.


It's hard to resist.   But please DO NOT feed the animals or leave scraps for them.  Native animals that eat human food can..... Bite, scratch or threaten park visitors or become sick.


Are welcome while you are present and their behaviour is your responsibility. Visitors' vehicles are not permitted in the park, and all visitors must check at office before entering park. Visitors are asked to only use toilet facilities located at the office.


Advance payment of all fees is required. Cancellations/refunds: 28 days notice required to receive full refund (less $30 admin fee). No refund if customer changes their mind on arrival, departure dates or due to weather.

Check in

Is after 11am. Arrivals after 4:30pm are by prior arrangement with management. No check-ins after 6pm.

Check out

All sites to be vacated by 10am on day of departure. Late departure available by prior arrangement. A fee applies.

Dump Point

Please empty effluent waste into the dump point provided adjacent to the park entrance. Please do not dispose of non-effluent waste, and use biodegradable chemicals were possible.

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted in any of the park buildings, i.e. reception, amenities block.


Permanent water conservation measures are in place, so please use water wisely as we are not on town water and supplies are limited.
Please bring your own drinking water with you. Please report leaking taps, toilets or showers to the Manager in the office.
Spend less than 4 minutes in the shower & remember to turn the tap off after use. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.

Other Information

A $20 cash security key deposit is payable on arrival and refundable on checkout. You camp at your own risk, and vehicles and pedestrians share roadways. There are no streetlights at the park, so we suggest you bring a torch. The beach is not a patrolled beach; however, it is closed to through traffic.

Access to the park is via the Noosa North Shore Ferries, located at Moorindal St, Tewantin., phone (07) 5447 1321. Short 7.5km drive on a fully sealed bitumen road.

Ferry operating Times: Sundays-Thursdays 5:30am to 10:20pm, Fridays-Saturdays 5:30am to 12:20am

Our aim is to protect the natural environment and the unique biodiversity of this area.

You can also download the sitemap and park rules here. (2MB)