Noosa River Holiday Park Sitemap & Park Rules Noosa River Holiday Park Sitemap & Park Rules

This park is privately managed on behalf of the Noosa Council. To ensure your stay is enjoyable please read and observe the following conditions of occupancy.

Vehicles - Strictly 1 vehicle per site. Speed limit 5 KPH

The safety of our customers is of prime importance. You can assist our cause by limiting the speed of your vehicle to 5 kph (walking pace) whilst within the park. Only one vehicle per site is permitted and must remain within the allocated site. If a boat or second vehicle meets fire separation legislation and can be contained within the allocated site, an additional vehicle charge is applicable. All visitors vehicles must park outside the park.


Please keep your site neat & tidy.

To conform with fire regulations and for the enjoyment of other campers, please allow a minimum of 1.8 metres between sites for fire separation legislations. See diagram.  Note only one tent or caravan per site.

Swags, flyovers and the use of grounds outside of your designated site size is not allowed (eg: not behind caravans or to fences lines). Site separation must be clear of any Flyover/Tarpaulin, tie-down ropes and additional recreation equipment such as kayaks, bikes etc.  This includes no structures to join two sites.

Please do not tie up to the foreshore fencing.

  • Minimum distance from every site boundary - 0.9 metre
  • Exception -  Minimum  distance from roadway - 0.9 metre
  • Minimum  distance from other Caravans, Tents or Camper Trailers - 1.8 metres at all sites
  • Gazebos, Gazebo-hubs and/simular structures - Are NOT permitted.  They are not habitable structures and are not designed to withstand strong wind and rain and their failure in such conditions can result in injury to yourself and others.  Our duty of care to park guests and Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) obligations mandate this action.
  • Site Separation/Total Coverage -  Your a total site coverage is 2/3 of the site to adhere to safe WHS guidelines. 
  • Only One Vehicle per site is allowed. Additional costs for extra items eg: boat or trailer on application. (and only, if able to fit onsite and still comply with the separation Distances) .

Strictly no fires

Additionally, no flammable or dangerous goods are allowed to be stored on sites.

Powered Sites

Power must only be accessed using 15amp leads. HouseĀ­hold leads not allowed.

Security Advice

While Park Managers do their best to ensure a safe and secure environment, we do recommend precautions of securing items of value during day and night.


In case of fire or other emergency please make your way to the evacuation assembly point as shown on the map below.


The park and its facilities are provided for the enjoyment of you and your children. The supervision of your children is important for their safety and to ensure they do not disturb other people in the park. Children must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the showers and toilets or camp kitchen.


Creating a nuisance, defacing or damaging structures or campground property will result in immediate eviction from the park.


Sorry - No dogs or pets allowed.

Third Party Bookings

Bookings must only be made by the person occupying the site.  Third Party bookings (eg: resaler) are prohibited, and will result in cancellation (even on arrival).  Noting a site booking CANNOT be sold on, or 'given' to another party.  Identification maybe required on checkin.


The peaceful enjoyment of our park and its facilities by all visitors is important to us. Please assist by being considerate to your neighbours and restrict noise from radios, televisions and social gatherings after 10pm and before 6am.

Barbecues/camp kitchen

Consider others - please clean b-b-q's after use. The gas shuts off at 9pm & the lights turn off at 10pm.


Refuse bins (Green or Red Lids): Please double wrap your food waste before placing in the bins to improve hygiene and reduce flies.

Recycle bins (Yellow lids): Please separate your recyclables from your refuse waste. Recycle items include all glass bottles & jars, aluminum & steel cans, newspapers & cardboard, and plastics with the recycle symbol and numbers 1-6 inside.  Note: Recycling is every Thursday.  Please dont place refuse in the recycling bins.

Campsite Litter

When departing your campsite, please ensure all small litter items are removed.


Council undertakes tree management at the camping ground, however trees and limbs can fall without warning. Do not tie ropes, lines, clothes lines, hammocks or tarps to trees/poles/fences. Please do not climb trees or create swings or ropes. Clothes lines are prohibited on the foreshore.

Sandbag groynes - no mooring

Please note that mooring is prohibited within 30 metres of the sand groynes.


Bicycles are permitted to be ridden in the internal roads, subject to normal road rules being observed. This includes wearing helmet, 5 kph speed limit and daylight hours only. Bicycles are not permitted to be ridden in or around amenity blocks or inside the camp kitchen.

Complex security for any after hours concerns - 07 5447 7566.

You can also download the park sitemap and rules here. (2MB)