Boreen Point Campground

Park Rules

By making a booking at Boreen Point Campground you agree to abide by the booking terms and conditions and the Park Rules.

  • The safety of our guests is of prime importance. Maximum vehicle speed whilst within the campground is 5 kph (slow walking pace). We have ZERO tolerance on speeds over 5kph. Please limit vehicle movement at all times. Do not tow trailers or boats at night throughout the campground (only permitted after late check-in). Only one vehicle is permitted per site, and must remain within the allocated site.

  • Sites are to be kept tidy at all times. Rubbish and recycling facilities are provided for all waste. Please do not dig trenches on or around your site. Please provide a minimum of 1 metre clearance between set up and allocated site boundaries.

  • Please refer to the Park Map for tent only areas. No vehicles (including camper trailers) are allowed into these areas.

  • Visitors are welcome while you are present and their behaviour is your responsibility. All visitors must check-in at the office before entering the campground. Visitor vehicles are not permitted in the campground.

  • Must only be accessed using 15 AMP leads. Household leads are not allowed.

  • Fires may only be lit for the purposes of cooking in the braziers available from Park Management, or within a brazier approved by Park Management. 

    It is the guest responsibility to ensure the fire is kept small, under control and is supervised at all times. Fires are to be extinguished with water. Coals are to be placed within the provided drums placed throughout the campground.

    During the period that the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) declare a fire ban, the following are prohibited:

    • All wood fires, including open camp fires and fires in braziers, drums, other open containers.
    • Wood-fuelled barbecues and stoves.
    • Ash producing fuels, heat beads, Oz-pigs and similar appliances.
  • This is a communal facility and is accessible to all guests. Please ensure that you clean any used equipment (BBQs, hotplates, benches, sinks and tables).

  • Gazebos or similar shade structures are to be tied down securely with suitable ropes and pegs. These structures are to fall inside the allocated site area.

  • For all emergencies (including fire) please go to the Evacuation Point on the foreshore area opposite the campground reception (please refer to the Park Map).

  • The supervision of your children is important for their safety and to ensure they do not disturb other people in the campground.

  • The peaceful enjoyment of our campground and its facilities for all visitors is important to us. Please assist by being considerate to your neighbours and restrict noise from radios, televisions and social gatherings after 10:00 pm and before 7:00 am.

  • Are not permitted in the campground at any time.

  • Please note an on-site sewerage system operates at this campground. We ask that you use the sanitary or rubbish bins provided and refrain from flushing products such as feminine hygiene products and wet wipes. 

    Please notify Park Management if you become aware of any maintenance issues within the amenities block.

  • Please ensure that all waste is removed from site and placed into the different waste bins provided. 

    Where waste is larger than the bins provided, it is the responsibility of the guest to remove the item/s from the campground (for example: broken gazebos).

  • Please be aware that trees and limbs can fall without warning with an increased likelihood during storms and strong winds. You may be directed by Park Management to move during strong winds and storms. 

    Do not tie ropes, lines or tarps to trees.

  • No riding in or around the amenity blocks, access walkways or in the camp kitchen. Please wear a helmet when riding bicycles and scooters.

  • Dogs are permitted upon prior application with the Park Management in off-peak periods only. Dogs are not permitted at the campground during school holidays. Pet(s) are not to be left unattended within your campsite and must be kept on a leash at all times. All pet(s) need to be registered and a license needs to be provided to the Park Management during check-in.

    Please complete the online dog application as part of your reservation.

    Online Dog Application Form

  • Please refrain from feeding the wildlife or leaving scraps.

  • Creating a nuisance, defacing or damaging structures or campground property or the environment will result in immediate eviction and a ban from all Noosa Holiday Parks.

    • Payment of all fees is required upon booking. 
    • At least 28 days notice required to receive a refund.
    • Any credit or refund under 28 days notice will require Noosa Council approval, which may take up to a week to process and is not guaranteed. Any credit will only be valid for 12 months from the original booking date.
  • Saturday - Thursday: 8.00 am - 6.00 pm (5.00 pm during the winter season)

    Friday: 8.00 am - 7.00 pm 

    Please call 07 5449 8811 for any After-Hours support. If the call is not answered please leave a message with your name and contact details, and the After-Hours Duty Manager will return your call.

  • Saturday - Thursday: 11.00 am - 5.00 pm
    Friday: 11.00 am - 9.00 pm 

    Please inform the office if you intend to arrive outside these nominated hours. 

  • Sites are to be vacated no later than 10.00 am on the day of departure.
    Please request a late check-out at the office. 

  • Please refer to the Park Map for the location of the dump point.

  • Do not dispose of greywater on the campground (it is illegal). All greywater is to be contained in your vehicle and disposed of at the Dump Point. Do not dispose of greywater in the sinks or other wash areas.

  • Smoking is only allowed within specified smoking areas.

  • Vehicles and pedestrians share roadways. 

    There is minimal lighting in the campground, so we suggest you bring a torch. 

    The beach is NOT a patrolled beach.


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