Noosa River Holiday Park

Park Rules

By making a booking at Noosa River Holiday Park you agree to abide by the booking terms and conditions and the Park Rules.

  • Check-in: 1.00pm - 8.00pm
    Check-out: 10.00am

    Office hours: 8.00am - 6.00pm

    • Each site must be booked in the name of the occupier.
    • At no time during the stay is the number of guests to exceed the number booked, unless approval is sought, and all relevant fees are paid.
    • Visitors must register at reception prior to entering premises (fees apply)
    • No additional structures permitted for overnight guests
    • Visitor parking is limited to site allowance, refer to reception
  • Not permitted within the holiday park

    • One vehicle permitted per site.
    • Additional vehicles or boats up to 4.5m including trailer may be accommodated depending on the site allocation and subject to availability. Approval required prior to arrival and may incur an additional fee.
    • Boats are not to be moored, tied or secured to the foreshore and/or sand groyne area.
  • Sites cannot be transferred to another party (family/friends included)

  • 5KPH (walking speed)

  • Not permitted.

  • Not permitted.

  • 15AMP lead only

    • We ask all guests to be mindful of another person’s right to a peaceful holiday
    • 10.00pm curfew on excessive noise and disturbance 
    • Please advise Reception during office hours of any concerns or incidents occurred
    • For significant public offences and disturbances, please contact the Police non-emergency line 131444.
  • Children under 12 years must be supervised, particularly when in communal areas, roadways and pathways

    • Bicycles and scooters are permitted
    • Parents to ensure children are wearing a helmet and not riding dangerously or after dusk.
  • Smoking is not permitted in communal park facilities. 

  • Cancellations made 14 days prior to arrival date can be processed in two ways:

    • Total amount fully refundable
    • Total amount held in credit for future stay within 12 months

    Refunds are unavailable for cancellations made within 14 days of arrival date or due to; early departures, no-show, change of mind, inclement weather, or where clients are asked to leave the park for breaching park rules. 

  • All items remain the guests responsibility to secure during your stay.

    • Refer to Park Map for dump point locations
    • Please don’t dispose of ‘restricted items’ such as nappies, wipes, hygiene products etc.
    • Dump points to be used for in-house guests only
    • All taps provide drinkable water
    • Please be mindful of water conservation and advise Reception of any damage/leaks.
  • Refer Park Map for evacuation assembly area

    • One piece type of equipment per site.
    • A minimum 0.9m clearance required between setup and site boundary to ensure sufficient space for fire separations (see diagram).
    • No structures to combine two sites.
    • Site separation must be clear of any tarpaulin, tie-down ropes and/or recreation equipment.
    • The use of ground area outside your designated site is not permitted.
    • Please do not tie ropes, clotheslines and/or hammocks to any park infrastructure.
    Noosa river site separation diagram



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